Date register of trial

Trials for date register in the RPCEC

Date of Registration Public title Sponsor State
16/02/2017 CENTAURO-6 Study CIGB Registered
16/02/2017 Ozone-Therapy-Immunoglobulin A deficiency-adults and childrens-Phase II HGM Registered
10/02/2017 Cuban uterine manipulator, new device for the hysterectomy totally laparoscopic. CNCMA Registered
03/02/2017 Phase I/II trial with the mutein no alfa of IL-2 CIM Registered
01/02/2017 NeuroEPO in patients with Parkinson disease stage II-III CIM Registered
01/02/2017 NeuroEPO in patients with Mild-Moderate Alzheimer's disease CIM Registered
27/01/2017 Pharmacovigilance-VALERGEN-Asthma BIOCEN Registered
26/01/2017 ESAR-814 Study CIGB Registered
05/01/2017 HEBERFERON in renal cell carcinoma CIGB Registered
29/12/2016 CV638 ability to protect against homologous Vibrio cholerae 3008 virulent strain FINLAY Registered
27/12/2016 Policosanol in patients with metabolic syndrome and ischaemic cardiopaty CPN Registered
27/12/2016 Homeostec for the treatment of chronic Chikungunya SSA Registered
23/12/2016 Itolizumab (T1h) combined with insulin in patients with Type I Diabetes Mellitus CIM Registered
07/12/2016 NGcGM3/VSSP in small cell lung cancer CIM Registered
07/12/2016 NGcGM3/VSSP in Metastatic melanoma CIM Registered
02/12/2016 Abexol and Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulphate in osteoarthritis: study of the 6 months. CPN Registered
28/11/2016 Abexol and Atorvastatin in the non alcoholic steatohepatitis CPN Registered
28/11/2016 NGcGM3/VSSP in patients with metastatic hormone-receptor positive and HER2 negative breast cancer CIM Registered
15/11/2016 EC122 HER-1 Prostate Phase I CIM Registered
12/10/2016 NGcGM3/VSSP and nimotuzumab in patients with triple negative breast cancer CIM Registered