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Trials by recruitment status

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Phase II / III. Nimotuzumab in patients with triple-negative breast cancer. 23/05/2014 CIM
Racotumomab,Nimotuzumab or Docetaxel in the treatment of the advanced non-small cell lung cancer. 26/05/2014 CIM
Predictor of response with CIMAvax EGF© in NSCLC Phase III 29/01/2016 CIM
Itolizumab (T1h) combined with insulin in patients with Type I Diabetes Mellitus 23/12/2016 CIM
NAcGM3/VSSP-aids-patients drug resistant to antiretroviral treatment-Phase I-II 22/04/2016 CIM
1B8 vs MabThera® in patients with Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma 01/09/2016 CIM
NeuroEPO in patients with Parkinson disease stage II-III 01/02/2017 CIM
Nimotuzumab-pancreatic cancer-adults-Phase IV. 30/04/2017 CIM
CIMAvax-EGF-Platelets-Adults- Lung Cancer 03/08/2018 CIM
Biomodulina T- CIMAvax-EGF-Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer-Adults 18/03/2021 CIM
CIMAvax-EGF in different maintenance schemes 12/05/2021 CIM
Nimotuzumab in tumors of head and neck .Phase IV 2013-02-01 CIMAB
Effectiveness and safety of ior®EPOCIM in Chronic Kidney Disease patients in pre-dialysis. 2011-11-11 CIMAB
rTMS-stroke-phase I 2009-05-29 CIREN
Intraoperative endoscopic retrograde sphincterotomy as a modality of treatment of choledocholithiasis 2008-11-14 CNCMA
Totally Laparoscopic Hysterectomy with Single-Port Access. Validation of a new technique in Cuba. 22/04/2014 CNCMA
Mindfulness and development of well-being in the couple relationship experience of young adults: A protocol of a randomized controlled trial 13/11/2019 DIRECCION DE IN...
Evaluation of the synergistic effect of sequential administration of two immunostimulant products: Immuno-1 and Immuno-2 for the stimulation of the immune response in older adults. Exploratory study 22/05/2020 FINLAY
VA-MENGOC-BC to stimulate the innate response against SARS-CoV-2 22/05/2020 FINLAY
SOBERANA 01 13/08/2020 FINLAY