The website of the Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials (RPCEC), is managed by a group of specialists from CENCEC, and aims to:

      1. Allow the registration of clinical trials from Cuban sponsors.
      2. Allow scientific dissemination of clinical trial results (summary data).
      3. Inform the general public about:
      • Finished Clinical trials conducted in our country or abroad with Cuban or foreign medical products
      • Ongoing clinical trial taking place in our country or abroad, either with Cuban or foreign medical products

Foreign sponsors also have the possibility to register their studies in our database if they meet the requirements established in this registry.

The RPCEC has a group of reviewers who is responsible of analyzing the information submitted by the sponsors of a clinical trial. Reviewers analyze the quality of the information and verify the completeness of the forms in Spanish and English.

This group also has a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for its work and has established a process for making decisions on whether to publish the study or not. This group also provides suggestions to the clinical trial sponsors during the review process.

Data that appears on this site about clinical trials seek to inform the entire community of users (medical professionals or not) in a general way but it does not provide medical information regarding the diagnosis or therapeutic interventions for the various diseases, that is why this information should not be considered for taking any medical decision. For any doubt about medical matters the user should seek relevant information by consulting a medical professional or by making more extensive scientific searching.

The RPCEC promotes respect for the rights and interests of registrants but has no legal responsibility for decisions taken based on the information they provide and that appears on this site.

The RPCEC respects the privacy of registered users on the site (sponsors of clinical trials). The information requested in the registration form of the sponsors is used only for administrative purposes. Site visitors do not have to provide personal information to visit it and make searches.

The RPCEC does not guarantee the accuracy of the information displayed about the clinical trials; it is a responsibility of the clinical trial sponsor to submit reliable information.