Date register of trial

Trials for date register in the RPCEC

Date of Registration Public title Sponsor State
16/08/2023 Her1 vaccine in metastatic colon and prostate cancer CIM Registered
07/08/2023 Safety evaluation of Bacillus coagulans AO1167 for its use as a probiotic in humans HHA Registered
07/08/2023 Safety evaluation of Bacillus clausii AO1125 for its use as a probiotic in humans HHA Registered
03/08/2023 Study on pneunococcal vaccination in the pediatric population from 1 year to 5 years FINLAY Registered
21/07/2023 Safety of Orally Administered Neutral pH Super Oxidation Electrolyzed Solution SSA Registered
06/07/2023 Exploratory study to evaluate the effect and safety of CIGB 500 in seriously ill patients with shock CIGB Registered
21/06/2023 VSSPs in renal carcinoma. CIM Registered
19/05/2023 To evaluate the immunogenicity and safety of SOBERANA® 02 and SOBERANA® Plus as booster of immunity against the omicrom variant of SARS-CoV-2, in adult subjects FINLAY Registered
24/04/2023 Phase III clinical trial: Dermofural®. Mild infection in diabetic foot ulcer CBQ Registered
24/04/2023 Efficacy and safety of Jusvinza treatment in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Phase II/III CIGB Registered
17/04/2023 Dietzia safety study HHA Registered
27/03/2023 Effect and safety of the use of Viusid® on the quality of life of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease on Hemodialysis. CATALYSIS Registered
15/03/2023 Evaluation of the effectiveness of video games for attention intervention in school age boys and girls CNEURO Registered
03/03/2023 Nimotuzumab in the treatment of patients with acute respiratory difficulty syndrome (ARDS) CIM Registered
03/03/2023 Kardioli® nutritional supplement versus placebo in patients with chronic heart failure. Phase II. CATALYSIS Registered
09/02/2023 PROCTOKINASE in acute pelvic inflammatory disease UCMM Registered
30/01/2023 Feasibility and Effectiveness - MAP Online Program - Emerging Adults - Phase II DIRECCION DE INVESTIGACION UCE Registered
06/01/2023 IVD in colon cancer HHA Registered
06/12/2022 Prebiotics and probiotics in the treatment of type 2 diabetes HHA Registered
06/12/2022 Nasal recombinant human interferon alfa-2b in ARI CIGB Registered