Date register of trial

Trials for date register in the RPCEC

Date of Registration Public title Sponsor State
05/01/2021 SOBERANA 01B FINLAY Registered
21/12/2020 Biomodulin T-IM-oncological adults post chemotherapy-prevention COVID-19. Exploratory study BIOCEN Registered
17/12/2020 SOBERANA 02A FINLAY Registered
26/11/2020 ABDALA Clinical Study CIGB Registered
26/11/2020 MAMBISA Study CIGB Registered
24/11/2020 Curmeric-Prevention-COVID-19-Health Workers-University Hospital General Calixto Garcia CEADEN Registered
19/11/2020 NeuroEPO-Ataxia-Adults-Phase III CIM Registered
06/11/2020 Observational study of the benefits of rectal ozonotherapy and BIOPLA as complemetary theraphy in convalescent patients with SARS-COV 2 CPN Registered
27/10/2020 Prevalence of positive evolutive PCR in patients with COVID 19 treated with rectal ozone therapy: observational study prospective cohort. CPN Registered
27/10/2020 SOBERANA 02 FINLAY Registered
22/10/2020 CIMAvax-EGF in patients at high risk of lung cancer CIM Registered
17/10/2020 SOBERANA 01A FINLAY Registered
01/10/2020 OLIVO Study CIGB Registered
01/10/2020 Safety and efficacy of VAXIRA® in advanced NSCLC patients not progressing after first line chemotherapy. Phase III. CIM Registered
19/09/2020 BIOMODULINA T in a long-lived population at high risk of COVID-19 infection BIOCEN Registered
10/09/2020 Biomodulin T in older adult for protection in events of local transmission of COVID-19 BIOCEN Registered
09/09/2020 Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of the potassium citrate tablet of immediate release vs Acalka® in urolithiasis in adults. LBFO Registered
13/08/2020 SOBERANA 01 FINLAY Registered outdated
11/08/2020 CIMAvax-EGF in Bladder cancer CIM Registered
11/08/2020 DALIA Study CIGB Registered