Date register of trial

Trials for date register in the RPCEC

Date of Registration Public title Sponsor State
10/09/2020 Biomodulin T in older adult for protection in events of local transmission of COVID-19 BIOCEN Registered
09/09/2020 Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of the potassium citrate tablet of immediate release vs Acalka® in urolithiasis in adults. LBFO Registered
13/08/2020 SOBERANA 01 FINLAY Registered outdated
11/08/2020 CIMAvax-EGF in Bladder cancer CIM Registered
11/08/2020 DALIA Study CIGB Registered
06/08/2020 A Study to Describe the Diagnosis, Anti-Cancer Treatment and Clinical Outcome in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer in Latin America ROCHE Registered
06/08/2020 Transfer factor in Chronic Kidney Disease CIGB Registered
03/08/2020 Biomodulina T in pediatric septic shock. Exploratory study BIOCEN Registered
14/07/2020 Safety and immunogenicity of the CIGB 2020. CIGB Registered
09/07/2020 Zinc-Children-Hospitalized-Pneumonia SAHUAPA Registered
09/07/2020 Second Line-Acute Asthma SAHUAPA Registered
03/07/2020 Stem cells in patients with lung lesions (COVID-19) IHI Registered
22/06/2020 VIDA study CIGB Registered
05/06/2020 Rectal Ozone in the COVID-19 treatment CPN Registered
29/05/2020 Biomodulina T - IM - covid-19 - older adult BIOCEN Registered
29/05/2020 Heberon Alfa R in COVID-19 RPeredaGLEZ Registered
28/05/2020 ATENEA-Co-300 study CIGB Registered
28/05/2020 Exploratory study of BMT EV to stimulate immune response in patients with CKD-5 on iterated hemodialysis BIOCEN Registered
22/05/2020 Evaluation of the synergistic effect of sequential administration of two immunostimulant products: Immuno-1 and Immuno-2 for the stimulation of the immune response in older adults. Exploratory study FINLAY Registered