Date register of trial

Trials for date register in the RPCEC

Date of Registration Public title Sponsor State
09/04/2021 SOBERANA PLUS FINLAY Registered
08/04/2021 VSSP in renal cell carcinoma CIM Registered
06/04/2021 Efectiveness- hypnotherapy- depressed patients UCMSC Registered
27/03/2021 ABDALA-Intervention CIGB Registered
26/03/2021 Stem cell assisted centrifugal fat transfer HHA Registered
26/03/2021 Itolizumab Safety and Efficacy Study in Covid 19 CIM Registered
18/03/2021 ABDALA Clinical Study - Phase III CIGB Registered
18/03/2021 Biomodulina T- CIMAvax-EGF-Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer-Adults CIM Registered
16/03/2021 Oropharyngeal sanitization with electrolyzed superoxidation solution with neutral pH to prevent COVID-19 SSA Registered
11/03/2021 CIGB2020- ARI elderly contacts CIGB Registered
11/03/2021 Phyisician Led CIMAvax-EGF lung biomarkers CIM Registered
03/03/2021 SOBERANA 02-FaseIII FINLAY Registered
01/03/2021 AVATAR-2020 CIGB Registered
22/01/2021 Curmeric- Nasal-Safety-Efficacy- Community-Quarantine -COVID-19 CEADEN Registered
22/01/2021 Curmeric- Safety-Efficacy- Community-Quarantine-COVID-19 CEADEN Registered
22/01/2021 Curmeric- Safety-Community-Quarantine-COVID-19 CEADEN Registered
05/01/2021 SOBERANA 01B FINLAY Registered outdated
21/12/2020 Biomodulin T-IM-oncological adults post chemotherapy-prevention COVID-19. Exploratory study BIOCEN Registered
17/12/2020 SOBERANA 02A FINLAY Registered