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Trials by recruitment status

Public Title Date of registration Sponsor
Sublingual immunotherapy with VALERGEN-Asthma-Children-Phase II 2012-04-02 BIOCEN
Therapeutic clinical evaluation of the Plectranthus amboinicus Lour Spreng (Oregano French) tablets in patient with common cold 2011-11-22 CIDEM
Effectiveness and safety of ior®EPOCIM in Chronic Kidney Disease patients in pre-dialysis. 2011-11-11 CIMAB
MAGINC Study 2011-07-12 CIGB
HeberproGen Study 2011-05-20 CIGB
TS-FARMEV Study 2011-05-16 CIGB
Early use of surfacen in the respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn. Phase IV 2011-04-18 CENSA
NAcGM3/VSSP/Montanide ISA 51 formulation in HIV, phase II. 2010-12-29 CIM
hR3 MAb in combination with chemo-embolization in hepatocellular carcinoma. 2010-12-29 CIM
hR3 monoclonal antibody combined with chemoembolization in mestatatic liver treatment. 2010-12-29 CIM
h-R3 MaB and radiotherapy in pediatric patients with intrinsic diffuse astrocytomas of brain stem, phase II. 2010-12-28 CIM
Hebervis administration in patients suffering from buccal mucositis caused by chemotherapy [unsealed 2010-12-27 CIGB
CIGB-128 administration to patients with surgically-treated keloids. 2010-12-24 CIGB
AntiCEA M3-I 2010-12-20 CIGB
99mtc-marked 14f7 MAb in colon/rectum tumor, Phase II 2010-12-17 CIM
NGcGM3/VSSP/Montanide ISA 51 vaccine for breast cancer IIa, IIb and IIIa surgically treated with positive ganglia and disease-free, Phase IIb/III. 2010-12-17 CIM
Phase I/II clinical trial for the evaluation of vaccine candidate CIGB-230 in patients with chronic renal insufficiency. 2010-09-27 CIGB
THERESA-3 Study 2009-12-11 CIGB
rTMS-stroke-phase I 2009-05-29 CIREN
Phase II clinical trial for the evaluation of the therapeutic vaccine candidate Terap C. 2009-02-11 CIGB