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Public title Date of Registrationsort icon State
CIGB-370 in patients with malignant tumors 01/02/2016 Registered
OLIVO Study 01/10/2020 Registered
Pharmacodynamics of the Nasalferon in healthy volunteers. 03/05/2020 Registered
HeberNasvac® Phase IV in Chronic Hepatitis B 03/08/2018 Registered
HEBERFERON in renal cell carcinoma 05/01/2017 Registered
Transfer factor in Chronic Kidney Disease 06/08/2020 Registered
AMIGOS-2 study 07/08/2018 Registered
CERVICONC-II-300 study 07/08/2018 Registered
THERESA-5 Study 08/04/2015 Registered
CIGB-247-V vaccine in Age-Related Macular Degeneration, phase I-II randomized. 10/11/2014 Registered
DALIA Study 11/08/2020 Registered
CIGB 2020 in contacts and SARS-CoV-2 infection suspects 13/04/2020 Registered
COURAGE-2 Study 14/03/2019 Registered
ESPERANZA study 14/04/2020 Registered
CIGB-258 at COVID-19 14/05/2020 Registered
Safety and immunogenicity of the CIGB 2020. 14/07/2020 Registered
Study in Hematological Malignancies 14/11/2014 Registered
Phase I with CIGB-814 in rheumatoid arthritis patients 16/02/2017 Registered
CENTAURO-6 Study 16/02/2017 Registered
THERESA 2008-10-07 Registered