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Public title Date of Registration State
Use of h-R3 monoclonal antibody and radiotherapy to treat patients with advanced epithelial head and neck tumors. 2010-12-17 Registered
1E10 anti-idiotype vaccine, metastatic colon, phase II. 2010-12-03 Registered
99mTc-marked 14F7 MaB in metastatic breast, phase II 2008-12-27 Registered
CIMAvax-EGF/Lung cancer/Biomarkers/Prospective CT 20/10/2021 Registered
NeuroEPO-Ataxia-Adults-Phase III 19/11/2020 Registered
CIMAvax-EGF®-post-COVID19 convalescent with respiratory disorders-adults-Phase II (CORVAXCIM) 18/06/2021 Registered
ior®EPOCIM in post-COVID-19 convalescent patients with cardiovascular, renal and/or respiratory disorders 18/06/2021 Registered
Biomodulina T- CIMAvax-EGF-Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer-Adults 18/03/2021 Registered
CIMAvax-EGF® in metastatic asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer patients. Phase II-III Clinical Trial 17/10/2018 Registered
Study of the mechanism of action of Nimotuzumab in patients with head and neck tumors 17/02/2017 Registered
Racotumomab-alum cancer vaccine for solid tumors in pediatric patients 15/12/2015 Registered
Vaxira as adjuvant treatment for non-small cell lung cancer 15/12/2015 Registered
EC122 HER-1 Prostate Phase I 15/11/2016 Registered
CIMAvax-EGF vaccine Predictor Phase IV 14/12/2015 Registered
NGcGM3/VSSP and nimotuzumab in patients with triple negative breast cancer 12/10/2016 Registered
CIMAvax-EGF in different maintenance schemes 12/05/2021 Registered
Treatment of SARS CoV-2 pneumonia with the anti-CD6 monoclonal antibody itolizumab 12/05/2020 Registered
CIMAvax-EGF in Bladder cancer 11/08/2020 Registered
Phyisician Led CIMAvax-EGF lung biomarkers 11/03/2021 Registered
Racotumomab vaccine- Lung Cancer- Adults-predictors of response - Exploratory 09/07/2018 Registered