Date register of trial

Trials for date register in the RPCEC

Date of Registration sort icon Public title Sponsor State
28/05/2020 ATENEA-Co-300 study CIGB Registered
28/09/2018 Topic Oleozon in patients with epidermophytosis CPN Registered
28/11/2016 Abexol and Atorvastatin in the non alcoholic steatohepatitis CPN Registered
28/11/2016 NGcGM3/VSSP in patients with metastatic hormone-receptor positive and HER2 negative breast cancer CIM Registered
28/11/2017 Bioequivalence of Phenytoin CIDEM Registered
28/11/2017 Bioequivalence of Digoxin CIDEM Registered
28/11/2017 Bioequivalence of Sildenafil CIDEM Registered
28/11/2017 Bioequivalence of Diltiazem retard CIDEM Registered
28/11/2018 Colilen IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome- adults-Phase III ABOCA Registered
28/12/2018 Nimotuzumab in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) of inoperable stage III epidermoid histology, concomitant with Chemo and Radiotherapy (CRT) CIM Registered
29/01/2016 Predictor of response with CIMAvax EGF© in NSCLC Phase III CIM Registered
29/05/2020 Biomodulina T - IM - covid-19 - older adult BIOCEN Registered
29/05/2020 Heberon Alfa R in COVID-19 RPeredaGLEZ Registered
29/09/2017 Safety and effectiveness of SURFACEN® combined with the conventional therapy, in the treatment of ARDS in pediatrics. National extension CENSA Registered
29/11/2017 Bioequivalence of Zidovudine CIDEM Registered
29/12/2016 CV638 ability to protect against homologous Vibrio cholerae 3008 virulent strain FINLAY Registered
30/01/2018 Bioequivalence of Trienor CIDEM Registered
30/04/2017 CENTAURO-4 Study CIGB Registered
30/04/2017 Nimotuzumab-pancreatic cancer-adults-Phase IV. CIM Registered
30/04/2017 HEBERBIOVAC HB vaccine to reference material. CIGB Registered