Once you have completed all data they must be sent for review. To do this you must press the Status tab or terminate the completion of forms to its final view, and then press the Done tab.

By submitting the forms for review, RPCEC team receives an automatic alert that triggers the process of reviewing the data for consistency of the information between both forms and for completeness. Time required: 15 days after the reception of the two forms.

If the forms are not complete or the information in them is not consistent (inconsistent information) you will receive an email requesting amendments.

If the forms are complete and the information is coherent (consistent information), the trial will receive a registration date and a RPCEC code and the information in forms will become visible and public in the register. From this date the trial in considered registered in RPCEC and the sponsor will receive an email confirming the kind of registration the trial has: “prospective” or “retrospective”.