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Trials by recruitment status

Public Title Date of registration Sponsor
h-R3 MAb combined with radio chemotherapy to treat non-surgical esophagus tumors of epithelial origin. 2010-12-29 CIM
Patients with non small cells lung cancer (NSCLC) and brain metastasis. 2010-12-29 CIM
14F7 MAb marked with Tc99 Phase II in breast tumors. 2010-12-29 CIM
Anti-idiotype 1E10 vaccine in advanced non- small cell lung (NSCLC) patients 2010-12-28 CIM
Anti-idiotype 1E10 vaccine in the treatment of patients with small cell lung (SCLC) patients 2010-12-28 CIM
hR3 MaB and radiotherapy in highly malignant astrocytic tumors, phase III. 2010-12-28 CIM
InCarbacel-II 2010-12-28 CIGB
1E10 anti-idiotype vaccine, metastatic breast cancer, phase II 2010-12-27 CIM
Clinical trial, phase II: Evaluation of TheraCIM hR3 MaB combined with chemo- and radio-therapy to treat patients with epithelial tumors in neck of the uterus, stage III. 2010-12-27 CIM
Toxicological evaluation of the humanized Anti-CD6 MAb T1h in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients 2010-12-24 CIM
Pharmacokinetics of intralesional EGF in patients with diabetic foot ulcers. 2010-12-24 CIGB
InCCNM -I 2010-12-24 CIGB
Application of CIGB-128 in keloid patients undergoing surgical exeresis. 2010-12-24 CIGB
CIGB500 in healthy volunteers 2010-12-20 CIGB
THERESA-2 Study 2010-12-20 CIGB
Dynamic-I 2010-12-20 CIGB
Advanced breast cancer treatment with hR3 monoclonal antibody combined with doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide, phase I. 2010-12-17 CIM
NGcGM3/VSSP/Montanide ISA 51 vaccine in metastatic breast cancer. Phase II 2010-12-17 CIM
Use of h-R3 monoclonal antibody and radiotherapy to treat patients with advanced epithelial head and neck tumors. 2010-12-17 CIM
Evidence of the clinical efficacy of VALERGEN-DS vaccine in asthmatics. 2010-12-09 BIOCEN