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Trials by recruitment status

Public Title Date of registration Sponsor
Efficacy of VALERGEN-DP sublingual vaccine in asthmatic adults. 2010-12-09 BIOCEN
Evidence of the clinical efficacy of VALERGEN-DP vaccine in asthmatics 2010-12-09 BIOCEN
Efficacy of VALERGEN-BT sublingual vaccine in asthmatic adults. 2010-12-08 BIOCEN
Efficacy of VALERGEN-DS sublingual vaccine in asthmatic adults 2010-12-08 BIOCEN
Efficacy of VALERGENT-BT subcutaneous vaccine in asthmatic adults 2010-12-07 BIOCEN
Efficacy of VALERGEN-DP subcutaneous vaccine in asthmatic adults 2010-12-07 BIOCEN
Efficacy of VALERGEN-DS subcutaneous vaccine in asthmatic adults. 2010-12-07 BIOCEN
1E10 anti-idiotype vaccine, metastatic colon, phase II. 2010-12-03 CIM
Phase I clinical trial for the evaluation of the therapeutic vaccine candidate Terap C. 2010-06-11 CIGB
Mebendazole compared with secnidazole-adult giardiasis-Phase III 2010-04-21 HMC_FINLAY
Lidoment - pain osteomioarticular - phase IV 2010-03-01 PUVEDADO
InCroMiel I 2009-12-24 CIGB
Effectiveness and safety of ior EPOCIM in anemia in premature infant. 2009-10-22 CIMAB
Nimotuzumab- Head and neck cancer 2009-10-22 CIMAB
Effectiveness and Safety of Nimotuzumab for the treatment of patients with glioma tumors 2009-09-18 CIMAB
Zinc Supplement in ill persons with ataxia type SCA-2. 2009-08-21 CIDEM
Effectiveness and Safety of use ior LeukoCIM as prophylaxis and treatment of Neutropenia in patients with HIV / AIDS. 2009-08-20 CIMAB
Safety assessment of Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor:ior LeukoCIM in oncohematologic patients.Phase IV study. 2009-07-24 CIMAB
Impact of the Granulocytes Colony-Stimulating Factor (ior-LeukoCIM) in primary and secondary prophylaxis and post chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy neutropenia in oncohematological pediatric patients. 2009-07-24 CIMAB
Effectiveness and Safety of ior EPOCIM in patients with Chronic Renal Failure on dialysis methods. 2009-07-10 CIMAB