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Trials by recruitment status

Public Title Date of registration Sponsor
Transfer factor in Chronic Kidney Disease 06/08/2020 CIGB
Nimotuzumab cold kit for the immunodiagnosis of solid tumors 05/10/2018 CIM
CIMAbior® in CD20-positive B-cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 05/09/2017 CIM
An Observational Study to Evaluate the Real-World Clinical Management and Outcomes of ALK-Positive Advanced NSCLC Participants Treated With Alectinib 05/08/2021 ROCHE
Lithium Carbonate-COVID-19- mild and moderate -Exploratory / Phase II 05/08/2021 ICBPGirón
Rectal Ozone in the COVID-19 treatment 05/06/2020 CPN
Oncoxin®-Viusid®- Quality of life of patients with metastatic colorectal adenocarcinoma-adults-Phase II 05/06/2018 CATALYSIS
HEBERFERON in renal cell carcinoma 05/01/2017 CIGB
Dose scale-up and cohort expansion with the therapeutic mAb 14F7 04/12/2015 CIM
Vaccine HER1 / VSSP for prostate cancer, head and neck carcinoma and advanced colon cancer . Phase I 03/11/2017 CIM
MEÑIQUE Study 03/09/2021 CIGB
Biomodulina T in pediatric septic shock. Exploratory study 03/08/2020 BIOCEN
HeberNasvac® Phase IV in Chronic Hepatitis B 03/08/2018 CIGB
Pharmacodynamics of the Nasalferon in healthy volunteers. 03/05/2020 CIGB
Phase I/II trial with the mutein no alfa of IL-2 03/02/2017 CIM
Abexol and Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulphate in osteoarthritis: study of the 6 months. 02/12/2016 CPN
Moringa in Diabetes 02/11/2021 CIPPPB
NeuroEPO – Type 2 Spinocerebellar Ataxia Phase I-II 02/11/2014 CIMAB
Policosanol-Atorvastatina for Ictus 02/09/2013 CPN
D002/Lyprinol for osteoarthritis 02/09/2013 CPN