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Trials by recruitment status

Public Title Date of registration Sponsor
NeuroEPO-Stroke. Phase I-II 11/09/2014 CIMAB
DALIA Study 11/08/2020 CIGB
Phyisician Led CIMAvax-EGF lung biomarkers 11/03/2021 CIM
CIGB2020- ARI elderly contacts 11/03/2021 CIGB
Expanded Clinical Use of Nasalferon in COVID-19 10/11/2021 CIGB
CIGB-247-V vaccine in Age-Related Macular Degeneration, phase I-II randomized. 10/11/2014 CIGB
Oncoxin-Viusid/Stomach and gastric esophagus union cancer / Adults / Phase II 10/05/2018 CATALYSIS
Cuban uterine manipulator, new device for the hysterectomy totally laparoscopic. 10/02/2017 CNCMA
Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of the potassium citrate tablet of immediate release vs Acalka® in urolithiasis in adults. 09/09/2020 LBFO
CIGB-Mambisa/Abdala in convalescents 09/07/2021 CIGB
Racotumomab vaccine- Lung Cancer- Adults-predictors of response - Exploratory 09/07/2018 CIM
Glizigen® and Oncoxin®-Viusid® in cervical intraepithelial lesions of adult women. Phase II 09/05/2018 CATALYSIS
Itolizumab for Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis-phase 3 08/10/2015 CIM
VSSP in metastasic renal cell carcinoma 08/08/2018 CIM
Racotumomab-alum for recurrent platimun-sensitive epithelial ovarian cancer 08/07/2015 CIM
AMIGOS-2 study 07/08/2018 CIGB
CERVICONC-II-300 study 07/08/2018 CIGB
14F7 in chronic B-cell lymphoproliferative syndrome 07/03/2018 CIM
Phase II clinical trial, controlled, randomized, double-blind to assess the immunogenicity of live attenuated vaccine candidate against cholera CV638 . 06/11/2014 FINLAY