Date register of trial

Trials for date register in the RPCEC

Date of Registration Public title Sponsorsort icon State
2011-11-22 Therapeutic clinical evaluation of the Plectranthus amboinicus Lour Spreng (Oregano French) tablets in patient with common cold CIDEM Registered
04/10/2017 Bioequivalence of diclofenac sodium retard CIDEM Registered
12/05/2015 Vitamin E/ Platinum salts CIDEM Registered
27/09/2017 Bioequivalence of Abacavir CIDEM Registered
28/11/2017 Bioequivalence of Phenytoin CIDEM Registered
28/11/2017 Bioequivalence of Digoxin CIDEM Registered
30/01/2018 Bioequivalence of Trienor CIDEM Registered
28/11/2017 Bioequivalence of Sildenafil CIDEM Registered
28/11/2017 Bioequivalence of Diltiazem retard CIDEM Registered
17/10/2017 Bioequivalence of Clopidogrel CIDEM Registered
29/11/2017 Bioequivalence of Zidovudine CIDEM Registered
22/12/2017 Bioequivalence of Efavirenz CIDEM Registered
16/10/2017 Chitosan Unguent in burned patients CIDEM Registered
18/05/2018 Gastricel-I CIDEM Registered
2010-12-20 CIGB500 in healthy volunteers CIGB Registered
2010-12-20 THERESA-2 Study CIGB Registered
2008-10-07 THERESA CIGB Registered
2009-02-27 Safety and immunogenicity of commercial Hepatitis B vaccines. CIGB Registered
2010-12-20 Dynamic-I CIGB Registered
2008-10-07 FarmaPEG-I CIGB Registered