This step is only required if the sponsor of the clinical trial is not registered with RPCEC and this ensures the workspace to register trials. If this is your first time to be enrolled in this clinical trial registry, you need to:

      1. Complete the form to register as Sponsor
      2. Upload documents:
      • Resolution establishing that the hospital or institution exists (you can also send other documents evidencing the existence of your organization or institution)
      • Letter of appointment of the Official Responsible registrant. This letter will be signed by the head of the institution or by immediate superior chief of the named person. Official Responsible registrant will be the person responsible for the registration and updating of all clinical trial data in the registry.
      3. Press the "Create new account"

Once the team of the RPCEC receives the registration forms, it will process the request from this new sponsor. Time required: 3 business days.

If data received is complete, the sponsor will receive a notification with the necessary information to register the trial. From this point the sponsor can complete the registration of the study.

If data is not complete the sponsor will receive a notice requesting amendments.