Date register of trial

Trials for date register in the RPCEC

Date of Registration Public title Sponsor State
2013-02-01 Nimotuzumab for the treatment of high grade of malignancy tumors CIMAB Registered
2013-02-01 Nimotuzumab in tumors of head and neck .Phase IV CIMAB Registered
2013-02-01 Squamous cell carcinoma interferons (CECIN study) CIGB Registered
2013-01-30 Safety with interferon in skin carcinomas (SCIENCE study) CIGB Registered
2013-01-18 Biodistribution of CIGB-300 in cervical cancer (CERVIFARM-300-II Study) CIGB Registered
2013-01-18 Safety and Pharmacology of CIGB-300 in cervical cancer (CERVIFARM-300 Study) CIGB Registered
2013-01-17 Intravenous CIGB-128-A in patients with brain tumors (BRATINC Study) CIGB Registered
2013-01-04 Subcutaneous immunotherapy with PROLINEM -Asthma- Adults-Fase I BIOCEN Registered
2013-01-04 D-004 in patients with Bening Prostatic Hyperplasia CPN Registered
2012-10-12 NASVAC Phase II Trial in patients with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus infection CIGB Registered
2012-09-17 iorEPOCIM-Stroke-Phase I CIMAB Registered outdated
2012-09-12 Quimi-Hib® and Quimi-Hib(AlPO4) vaccines in an accelerated 6-10-14 weeks primary vaccination series CIGB Registered
2012-07-20 Effectiveness and Safety of Tenofovir + Lamivudine + Efavirenz Generic Scheme for the Treatment of HIV Infection / AIDS in Patients of the CLS,Colombia, 2012-2013. CLS Registered
2012-07-20 Heptavalent Conjugate Vaccine against Pneumococcal in healthy adults (VCN7-T). CQB Registered
2012-07-20 T1h in severe psoriasis-expanded access program (PUCE) CIM Registered
2012-06-09 Multimodal anesthesia for beating heart surgery HHA Registered
2012-06-08 HeberPAG® in Mycosis Fungoides (MYFIC Study) CIGB Registered
2012-05-25 Podal Reflex Laserpuncture as a treatment for Chronic Adenoiditis - Phase III CEADEN Registered
2012-05-25 Academic trial of sertraline in depression DALHOUSIE Registered
2012-04-13 Combined Subcutaneous immunotherapy VALERGEN-DP and VALERGEN-BT-Asthma-Adults-Phase II BIOCEN Registered